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✿ TO-DO ✿

I will be updating the progress of my commissions here!
It's just to help me organize my commissions, and give an idea
of when things will be completed ^^
• Please be patient, I have a life outside of art!!
• I usually work down my list in the order accepted.
• For all commissions please expect AT LEAST 1-2 weeks for progress.
• Sometimes I work faster or slower depending on real life responsibilities.
• Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns about your commission!
• Live2D commissions take the longest to complete, may vary between 1-3 months.

Illustration Batch

QuyenieIllustrationHalf Body■■□□□□
ChillyIllustrationHalf Body□□□□□
Amano KohanaIllustrationThigh Up□□□□□□
AbelIllustration3x Emotes□□□□□□

Live2D Batch

StareliaLive2DFull Body Model■■■■■
KujaBradLive2DHalf Body Model■■■□□□
UtsuLive2DFull Body Model□□□□□
Boo/JennyLive2DSpecial Model□□□□□□
Hanazono CherryLive2DModel Update□□□□□□
Sensei AkabaneLive2DBust Up Model□□□□□□
SmooshbunchLive2DBust Up Model□□□□□□
Munii ShodaLive2DFull Body Rig□□□□□□


• Serious inquiries only!!
• I accept payments through Square and Paypal
• I start working AFTER payment is received
• I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason
• Commissions are NOT first-come first-serve!
• No refunds/cancellations after I start the commission
• Changes can only be made during the work in progress phase
• Changes to Live2D comms may increase the price
DO NOT copy/steal/trace/claim my work as your own
• Credit must be provided wherever you use the commission
• I reserve the right to share or sell any fan art that I create, only exceptions are ocs
• All commissions are for non-commercial/personal use only except Live2D!
• Please be patient/do not rush me; there may be a queue ahead of you!
Will Draw: Fanart, OCs, Humanoids, Real people
Won't Draw: NSFW, Furry, Mecha, Anthro, Muscular, Old people, Complicated armor



!! PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE COMMISSIONING !!• 2 characters = double the price
• Click on images for full-size view
• Detailed backgrounds can be discussed
• All drawings come with simple bg and transparent bg
(Samples are in order of newest -> oldest)Please view the art gallery for more samples of my work!

Emotes: $30
Per Emote

Chibi: $50

Bust Up: $75

Half Body: $100

Thigh Up: $150

Full Body: $200



!! PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE COMMISSIONING !!Payments must be made before I begin working, but can be discussed
to pay half at the beginning and half after the art portion is finished.
• Pricing is subject to change
• Please provide clear references
• Commercial fee included in prices
• Price will vary depending on complexity & add-ons
• Not first come first serve, I will be picking applications!
• Please fill out the commission form below to apply!
• Typical turnaround time is 3-6 weeks!
• Rush Fee = +30%
If you do not have a reference already drawn, there will be a fee for character designing!
I can help design one based on a compilation of images, and a description, but all details
must be clear.

Live2D Model Only

(Includes model art & parts preparation PSD file ready for Live2D)• Please click images for full view
• View the Live2D model gallery for all the models I have made!
Bust Up: $450+
Half Body: $650+
Full Body: $950+

Live2D Model & Rig Package

(Includes model art, parts preparation PSD file, & rigged model ready to use with tracking software)Bust Up: $650+
Half Body: $850+
Full Body: $1250+
Package Rigging:
• Eye tracking
• Mouth tracking
• Torso movements
• Head turns & tilts (X/Y/Z)
• Hair & clothing physics
• Accessories physics
• Comes with 3 expressions (sad/angry/happy)
• Please check add-ons below for additional options

Rigging Only

Starting Price: $300+
Full Body: $500+
Standard Rigging:
• Eye tracking
• Mouth tracking
• Torso movements
• Head turns & tilts (X/Y/Z)
• Hair & clothing physics
• Accessories physics
• Please check add-ons below for additional options
• Expressions must be included in model file
• Price may increase depending on complexity/add-ons


(Price will be increased with the addition of any expressions, animations, or outfits)Custom Expressions:
Toggle Expressions: $15~$30
Extra Stickers: $10
Animations: $50+
Custom Hands & Arms:
Extra Hands/Arms: $30+
Hand/Arm Animations: $50+
Additional Outfits:
Nude Base Body: $50
Simple Outfit: $200+
Complex Outfit: $400+
(Nude base body is if you would like changes to/more outfits in the future)
Complex Accessories Animations:
(Pricing for more complex accessories can be discussed due to variations)


(Please click for full size view)
Newest -> Oldest

Bust Up Models

Half Body Models

Full Body Models